To Locate Truth, One Must Embrace
Freedom of Ideological Exchange

From JPFO. March 30, 2021

Since the days of the Athenian government murdering Socretes, those who advocate tyranny and brainwashing have tried to silence those who question "established wisdom".

How, in such a complex world, can people be so arrogant about ideas that philosophers and civilizations have been discussing and struggling with for millenia? How can the blatantly unjust idea of chattel slavery, where X claims non consensual ownership over the body of Y, exist by law as far back as 2100 B.C.? (1)

Thankfully, "established wisdom" was questioned.

Man must know his limitations, and come to grips with the fact that he might be wrong about major issues. We might be on the wrong side of history, truth, parenting, politics, science, or morality.

The first step to making sure we increase the chances we are on the right side of truth and morality, is to embrace free expression of ideas so we can challenge assumptions, and prove to ourselves we sit atop reason, and not superstition.

Governments of course silence citizens, which is why the First Amendment to the American Constitution is vital for us to embrace in our hearts and minds. Tech giants such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google; clearly do not place cultural value on freedom of expression. At first they came for Alex Jones and Milo Yinnapolis. Few stood up then, and before long they removed the (then) sitting President of the United States from his primary communication method, Twitter. (2)

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K. Knight. JPFO Social Media



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