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Gentlemen: Regarding the JPFO LTE in the Feb/March 2007 issue of Concealed Carry Magazine, in Virginia, we have endured several examples of the kind of LEO attitudes and behavior which Officer Michael Brown seem to dismiss out of hand.

The most recent, and most egregious, incident occurred at a Manassas pizza shop. In a nutshell, seven law-abiding citizens were dining at a pizza shop in Manassas. They were carrying their normally-concealed handguns openly, as required by VA statute in restaurants that sell and serve alcohol for on-premises consumption.

Apparently an unidentified "concerned citizen" (perhaps some hoplophobic trouble-maker) called 9-1-1, and the Manassas PD showed up in force. Despite there being no crime being committed, "disturbance" or any other "probable cause", the officers demanded ID, told them first to "conceal their guns" (which is illegal under the VA concealed carry statute). When the citizens refused, and tried to explain by citing the statute, the officers became more abusive, ordered the citizens to put their guns in their car(s), and subsequently coerced the pizza shop owner to "kick the F'ing retards out', quoting from Manassas PD officers' emails, obtained through FOIA requests.

If this isn't bad enough, after VCDL addressed the Manassas City Counsel to try to remedy this police misconduct, the Manassas PD Chief, one John J. Skinner, embarked on a blatant whitewash/coverup, revealing himself to be more a part of the problem, than an agent of resolution.

IMHO, we should not need to be afraid of LEOS, and officers like those in the Manassas PD (and apparently their Chief), who are ignorant of, or indifferent, to VA firearms law, and so arrogant or poorly trained that they think they can run roughshod over citizens who are trying their best to follow the law (no matter how it endangers them), need to be brought back under control or relieved of duty!

For all the gory details, and updates to follow, please visit and click "03/27/07 - Manassas - the police cover up begins" link.


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